who doesn't love bracelets... 

"Stylish jewelry for all occasions"

About the company...

My name is Manny, and I am the owner and jewelry designer for Manny Styles Bracelets. I have created and sold over 20,000 bracelets so far! All of the bracelets are hand-made by me. Being creative is one of my true passions. I put much love into my creations, and my goal is to make my customers feel very stylish and confident when they wear my accessories.

How to purchase...

You can purchase bracelets directly from my online store. What you see in my online store is what I currently have available. I will be adding more bracelets on a weekly basis.

If there are certain styles that you would like to see (suggestions), or if you have any questions, please fill out the "Contact Me" form.

Feel free to follow my Instagram page- @manny_styles_official

For payments, I take major credit cards via Pay Pal. Please be advised that there is an additional shipping charge of $0.75 cents per each individual item purchased (minimum shipping fee is $1.50 if only one item is purchased), and I am currently shipping to the United States & Puerto Rico only.